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Veera Ganapathi

Veera Ganapathi is one of the 32 forms of Hindu God Ganesh. This is the warrior form of Ganapathy and this form is worshipped for gaining courage in facing physical difficulties. Veera Ganapathi mantra is

Vetala Shakti shara karumuka chakra kanga,
Khadanga, mudgara gadaakusha nagapasham,
shoolam cha kunta parashu, dhvajakudhvahantam,
veeram ganeshamarunam, satatam smarami

The mantra details about the weapons that is held by Veera Ganapati.
In the Veera Ganapathi form, Ganesha is worshipped at the world famous Madurai Meenakshi Temple in Tamil Nadu.

In this form, Ganesh has sixteen hands and holds numerous weapons – goblin (vethal), bow, arrow, chakra (wheel), sword, trident, victory flag, club, serpent, noose, ankusha, mace, hammer, shield, spear, and axe. Red is the body color.

People who are always scared, fear darkness, fear snakes etc should meditate on the Veera Ganapathi form.

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