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Panch Devta - The Concept of Puja of Five Gods in Hinduism

Panch Devta is the concept of five gods in Hinduism. The Panch Dev that are worshipped are Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Shakti and Surya. The concept of Panch Devta is more popular with Hindu communities in North India. The five gods are worshipped daily in homes. Those people who worship the five gods are known as Panchopasak.

For fasting and other related rituals, the Panchopasak follows the Smarta Tradition.

Panch Dev Puja is believed to help in attaining happiness, progress and peace.

The concept of Panch Dev was developed by teachers of Santana Dharma to help common people who are not able to understand the concept of Brahman. The Panch devtas are manifestations of Brahman who is actually unthinkable, unmanifested, unlimited and without a form.