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Story - Hanuman Plays Veena Melts Stone To Humble Pride Of Sage Narada

It is said that good music can melt even stone. Hanuman one’s displayed this to humble the pride of Sage Narada, who used to go around proclaiming that he is the greatest musician and Veena player.

Sage Narada was proud of his talent in music and used to play his Veena to impress others. He used to claim that he is the greatest musician in the world. Legend has it that once Sage Narada reached Kadali Vanam, the abode of Hanuman. He came with the intention to show his talent in music before Hanuman who was also a good musician. The Sage then displayed his talent in Veena.

Hanuman then took the Veena and started playing the Malahari raga. The way in which Hanuman played the Veena was so impressive that the stone on which Sage Narada was sitting melted.

Hanuman then played the Bilahari Raga, the stone started to take its old form, and Sage Narada was trapped in it. Hanuman then had to play the Malahari Raga again to release Narada from inside the rock.

After this incident, Sage Narada never claimed that he is the world’s greatest musician – He could never melt a stone with his music.

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