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Shabari Jayanti 2025 Dedicated To Old Woman In Ramayana

Shabari Jayanti is dedicated to Sabari, an old woman mentioned in the Ramayana, who attained moksha through her devotion to Sri Ram. Shabari Jayanti 2025 date is February 21. The Jayanti is observed on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month in calendars followed in North India. The day is of great significance to the Kol Community.

Sabari, a very old woman, was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram. During his search for Mata Sita in the forest, Sri Ram along with Lakshman reached the hut of Sabari.

The old woman who was overwhelmed with joy had nothing to offer to the Lord. Tears trickled from her eyes and then she remembered about fresh fruits that she had collected the other day.

Sabari was not sure whether the fruits were tasty, sour or poisonous. So she tasted them first a little and threw away all that was sour and not good.

So when she went to get them she realized that she had bitten all the fruits. She did not want to offer the half-eaten fruits to Sri Ram.

Sri Ram who realized this asked Sabari to share the half-eaten fruits. Thus the all knowing Lord proved that it is not the condition or value of the offering that matters but devotion of the devotee who offers it.

After this divine incident, Sabari attained Moksha. Through this divine act, Sri Ram explained to the world that what is more important is devotion and not the value of the offerings.