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Hora Ashtami – Hur Ashtami

Hora Ashtami is observed on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha or waning phase of moon in Phagon or Falgun month in Jammu and Kashmir. Hora Ashtami 2025 date is February 21. The spring season begins on this day in Kashmir and the day marks the birthday of Mata Sita. The most important ritual takes place on the day at the Sri Sharika Chakreshwar Temple on Hari Parbat Hill in Kashmir.

The fasting and prayers dedicated to Shiva for Shivratri begins on the Hora Ashtami day. Cleaning of the houses with ‘hur’ for welcoming Shiva is also a highlight of the period. Hora Ashtami is an important day in Herath, the fortnight long observation of Shivratri in Kashmir.

On Hora Ashtami day, people keep vigil throughout the night at the Sri Sharika Chakreshwar Temple. It is the believed that the deity of the temple blesses people with prosperity and blesses them with a good harvest in the coming season. A legend in the region suggests that on the Phagon Ashtami day Goddess Sharika migrates from Kishtwar to Kashmir.