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Story of Jambul Fruit and Draupadi

The story of Jambul fruit happens during the 13-year exile of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata. Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas, once saw an unusually big Jambul fruit on a tree. A Saint had already reserved that fruit so that he could break his fast of 12 years with it. Unknowingly, Draupadi plucked the fruit. Sri Krishna who happened to see this told Draupadi about the Saint and that he might curse Draupadi and Pandavas.

Draupadi then asked Sri Krishna for a solution. Sri Krishna told her that if she is hiding a truth from her husbands and if she reveals it, then the fruit will go back to its original position.

Draupadi then went to the five Pandava brothers and told them that I love five of you but there is a sixth one I admire and regret not marrying. Karna, the son of Charioteer and the ally of Duryodhana.

During her Swayamvar (marriage), Draupadi had not allowed Karna to take part in the competition citing his caste and lineage. Charioteer Radha had found Karna floating in a basket on a river and therefore no one knew about his parentage. Draupadi had to reject him even though she loved and admired Karna, who was the greatest archer of his time.

For the Pandavas this came as a shock. But they admired the honesty and truthfulness of Draupadi. By being honest and truthful, Draupadi cleansed herself and she was able to put back the Jambul fruit in its original position so that saint could break his fast.

We all hide secrets in our heart that we don’t want to share it with our loved ones. And there are not many loved ones who appreciate truthfulness and honesty.