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Dhundhi Ganapati form of Ganesha

Dhundhi Ganapati is one among the 32 forms of Ganesha. This form is worshipped in many temples in India. This form of Ganesh helps in attaining moksha or liberation through spiritual studies. He removes all troubles that comes in the way of spiritual pursuit.

In the Dhundi Ganapati form, Ganesh has four hands. In the upper right hand he holds Rudraksha mala or beads. The lower right hand he holds his broken tusk. In upper left hand he holds his axe and in the lower left hand he holds a pot of gems.

The mantra of Dhundhi Ganapati form is
Akshamalam kutharam cha ratnapatram svadantakam|
Dhatte Karaih vighnarajaha duninama mudesastu nah ||