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Online Course in Hinduism

Doctor of Philosophy in Hinduism (Ph.D in Hinduism) is an online course offered by Almeda University. Established in 1997, Almeda University is an online institute and it provides Doctorate and Master Degree Programs in business and theology. Almeda claims that students earning this Doctoral degree will acquire and demonstrate a mastery of Hinduism on all levels.
Almeda University Websites writes
Hinduism is a religion of deep history and complex spirituality, with unique philosophical and metaphysical components that are typically explored only on a surface level in Western analysis of religion. Almeda University is proud to fill this disconcerting void by offering a Ph.D. in Hinduism that provides a deep analysis of its historical significance and evolution, core beliefs, cultural impact, worship rituals, and contemporary practice.
Students earning this Doctoral degree will acquire and demonstrate a mastery of Hinduism on all levels. This includes an in-depth examination of its ancient scripture and texts, understanding of its deities, and exploration of its ontological and epistemological assumptions. Almeda graduates will go beyond the basic concepts of karma and varnashrama-dharma by diligently examining the Vedic materials, cycles of life, intense philosophic speculation evidenced in the Upanishads, devas of the cosmos, and how principles of Hinduism are adopted in the Eastern and Western world.
Attaining this degree reflects a profound knowledge of Hinduism's dharma, and students often find it personally rewarding given the emphasis on discovering meaning, defining correct actions, and practicing strong discipline. 
To know more about the course, basic qualification needed to join it, fees etc you need to contact the university directly. You can find more information about the course here at the official website of Almeda University.