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Lakshman Sarma Quotes

Lakshman Sarma a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharishi
Worldly life is full of misery because of one’s subjection to desires and fears that never cease but only change their forms. Only one whose attachments have been weakened by the realization that true and lasting happiness is not to be had in this worldly life is ripe for discipleship.
Ignorance and mind are inseparable; where there is mind, there alone is ignorance; where there is no mind, there is no ignorance, since in the mind-free state the real Self is not concealed. This explains why the real Self is not known to men in general.
In ignorance there is the sense of ‘I am the body’ or of ‘This body is mine’, that is, the body is either ‘I’ or ‘mine’. When this attachment ceases, bondage is at an end.
Lakshman Sarma
(Source - Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad)