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Vrishchik Sankranti – Vrishchika Samkranti

Vrishchik Sankranti marks the beginning of the Sun’s transition from Vrishchik Rasi to Dhanu Rashi or from Scorpio Zodiac to Sagittarius Zodiac. Vrishchik Sankranti 2017 date is November 16. Time - 12:09 AM on November 17. (note a day in Hindu calendar ends just before next day sunrise.) There are 12 Sankrantis in a Hindu Solar Calendar. This Samkranti is an auspicious day for many Hindu communities in eastern parts of India.

‘San’ means plenty and good and ‘Kranti’ means radical change and Sankranthi means plenty of good change

Next is the Dhanu Sankranti and with it begins the Dhanu Masa.