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Uthana Dwadashi – Uttahana Dvadasi

Uthana Dwadashi marks the awakening of Lord Vishnu from his cosmic slumber, signaling the end of the Chaturmasa period when he rests. This auspicious occasion falls on the 12th day of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha) of the Hindu month Kartik. Uthana Dwadashi 2024 date is November 13. 

In South India, particularly in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, this day holds special significance for many Hindu communities, especially Vaishnavites. They observe this day by offering special pujas to the Tulsi plant (holy basil) and the Damodara form of Lord Sri Krishna.

The ritual typically involves offering Tulsi leaves and flowers to Lord Damodara, symbolizing devotion and seeking blessings for spiritual growth. The Tulsi plant is considered sacred in Hinduism and is believed to be dear to Lord Vishnu.

Moreover, some Hindu communities perform the Tulsi Vivah ceremony on this day, which symbolizes the marriage of Tulsi with Lord Vishnu or his avatar, Sri Krishna. This ritual is performed with great devotion and is believed to bring auspiciousness and blessings to the household.

Overall, Uthana Dwadashi is a time for devotees to express their devotion to the divine through rituals, prayers, and acts of piety, seeking spiritual upliftment and divine grace.