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Puja of Tulsi Plant in Front of House – Do’s and Don’ts

Tulsi Plant, or Basil, is grown in many traditional Hindu homes on a raised platform. Today the plant is grown on portable or moveable Tulsi plant pots. The Tulsi plant should be placed where there is good sunlight. It plant should be ideal placed before a door opening to the east. The Krishna Tulsi variety of the Tulsi plant to should be grown for worship and puja purposes.

The platform used for growing Tulsi plant should not be too small. The Tulsi plant should be always above the foundation of the home.

You can grow more than one Tulsi plant in the platform at a time – this is because in some areas Tulsi plant dries during some season. So an extra plant will be helpful. You should also scatter the dry seeds inside the platform. The plant should be watered daily. Cow dung which has been sun dried should be used as manure occasionally. The small plants and dry leaves should be removed regularly.

If you do regular puja to the Tulsi plant, then you light a lamp daily. The lamp or the heat from the diya should not injure the plant. While praying you should also go around or do circumambulation of the Tulsi plant.