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Martand Bhairav Festival 2017 Date in at Jejuri Temple in Maharashtra

Martand Bhairav Festival is annually held in the marathi month of Maragaishra at the famous Jejuri Temple near Pune in Maharashtra. Martand Bhairav Festival 2017 (date) is from November 18 to November 24. The festival begins on the Kartik Amavasi day and ends on the Champa Sashti day.

The festival is popularly known as Khandoba – Malhari Martand Bhairav Rathotsav.

Martand, or Malhari Martand, is an incarnation of Hindu God Shiva. It is believed that Martand fought demons Malla and Mani for six days and finally defeated them and restored Dharma on earth.

The festival is dedicated to this victory of Malhari Martand.

Majority of the temples dedicated to Malhari Martand form of Shiva are located in Maharashtra and Karnataka. 

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