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Ekakshi Nariyal – Rare Coconut with only Two Eyes on Top

Ekakshi Nariyal is a unique coconut with only two dots or two eyes atop instead of the three dots. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi and Hindu God Vishnu reside in Ekakshi Nariyal. Such coconut is very rare to find and if found and kept at home is believed to usher in prosperity and peace.

Usually, coconut has three eyes – three black dots on top of it. But sometimes coconuts have only two eyes. These coconuts are small in size and are known as Ekakshi Nariyal in Hindu tradition.

They are wrapped in a red cloth and kept in the puja room or the space used to worship. They are also offered pujas daily along with deities installed at home.

Some astrologers are of the view that presence Ekakshi Nariyal will help in increase of wealth.