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Yama Panchak – Yama Panchak 2019 Date

Yampanchak is a five-day festival which coincides with the Diwali and is mainly observed in Nepal. Yama Panchak 2019 is from October 25 to October 29. It is observed from the 12th day of the Kartik Krishna Paksha or waning phase of moon to the second day of Kartik Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon as per traditional Hindu calendar based on Purnima System. Yama Panchak is not only dedicated to Hindu Gods but also to animals and plants.

The first day of the festival is dedicated to crow, who is the messenger of death. This day is known as Kag Parva

The second day of the festival is dedicated to Dog and is known as Kukur Tihar.

The third day of the festival is the popular Diwali day and on the day cow is worshipped. Special Lakshmi puja are also held on the day.

The fourth day is known as Bahar Puja. Newar community observes the New Year on the day. Govardhan Puja is also observed on the day.

The fifth day of the festival is dedicated to the relationship of brother and sister. This festival is known as Bhai Tika.

Bali Pratipada during Diwali