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Shripada – Footprints of Goddess Lakshmi

In Hindu culture there is a practice of drawing Shripada, Goddess Lakshmi's footprint, on the threshold of the house pointing inwards. This ritual is followed by many Hindu communities. Symbolically the drawing of Shripada in front of homes welcomes Goddess Lakshmi. She likes clean places and only resides where there is cleanliness and peace. The daily drawing of Shripada also suggests that the wealth has to flow and no one should attempt to stop the normal flow of wealth – therefore she is invited daily.

Alpana drawings of Goddess Lakshmi’s feet are very popular in Bengal and eastern parts of India.

Shripada is made during Varalakshmi puja, Navratri Lakshmi puja, Diwali Lakshmi puja and during all the important occasions in a Hindu calendar year dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi.

Special drawings of Shripada are also made during Kojagari Lakshmi puja and also during Manabasa Gurbar Puja in eastern parts of India.

Those people who perform monthly or yearly vrats dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi also draw the Shripada.

The popular belief is that unclean places invite Alakshmi - she brings misery and unluck and financial difficulties.

So house is cleaned daily and Goddess Lakshmi is invited.