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Shodashopachara – How to perform Shodashopachar Puja?

Shodashopachara is a way of performing a Hindu daily puja to Hindu deities. This involves 16 steps of puja and is performed by some Hindus daily and by others only on special occasions. Some people perform Shodashopachar Puja once in a week, fortnight or month.
Avaahan – Welcoming the deity
Asan – Seating of the deity
Padya – Washing feet
Arghya – Offering water to wash hands
Achman – Offering water to sip and wash mouth
Snan – Bathing of deity
Vastra – Offering fresh clothes and decorations
Changing Janai – Fresh scared thread
Gandha – Offering aromatic substances
Pushpa – Offering flowers
Dhoop – Burning incense
Deep – Waving lights
Naivadya – Offering food
Tambool – Offering betel leaves, betel nuts, camphor etc
Pradakshina – Prostrations before the deity and going around the deity
Pushpanjali – Offering flowers and final prayers.