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Mahanisha Puja During Navratri And Durga Puja

Mahanisha Puja is an important ritual dedicated to Goddess Shakti and is performed during the Navratri and Durga Puja period. The ritual is also performed during the Kali Puja. Mahanisha Puja 2021 date is October 13. The Mahanisha Puja begins when the Ashtami Tithi during the Durga Puja period begins. This ritual is of great importance in Shakti Temples and attracts thousands of devotees.

Some temples do not allow darshan of Goddess Shakti (Durga) during the Mahanisha Puja period. The darshan takes place only after the puja – which is followed by an Aarati. The ferocious form of Goddess is invoked during the period.

The darshan of Mother Goddess after Mahanisha Puja is considered highly auspicious and meritorious.

Please note that the timing of Mahanisha Puja is from the end of Saptami Tithi (Seventh day during the waxing phase of moon of Ashwin month) and the beginning of Ashtami Tithi (eighth day during the waxing phase of moon of Ashwin month).

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