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The Foolishness of Animal Sacrifice during Durga Puja – Ramprasad Sen

Mind, why are you so anxious? Utter Kali’s name and sit in meditation. From all this pomp of worship the mind grows proud. Worship her in secret, that none may know. What is thy gain from images of metal, stone or earth?

Fashion her image in the mind and set it on the lotus throne of your heart. Parched rice and plantains, ah! How vainly do you offer these! Feed her with the nectar of devotion, and satisfy your own mind.

Why seek to illumine her with lamp and lantern and candle? Light the jeweled lamp of the mind; let it flash its luster day and night.

Why do you bring sheep and goats and buffaloes for sacrifice? Saying ‘Victory to Kali,’ ‘Victory to Kali,’ sacrifice the Six Passions – sexual desire, anger, covetousness, lapse due to infatuation, pride and envy.

Ramprasad Sen says – what need is there of drums and tom-toms? Saying ‘Victory to Kali,’ clap your hands and lay your mind at her feet.

Ramprasad Sen (1723 – 1803 AD)Bengali Saint and poet and an ardent devotee of Goddess Shakti. He worshipped Shakti in the form of Goddess Kali. He is one of the greatest Shakta poets – a true mystic he appealed against animal sacrifice and rituals.