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Trunk of Gansesh Murti (idol) Turning to Right Side – Significance of Ganesha Trunk Pointing to Right

The Trunk of the Ganesh Murti (idol) comes in two forms either pointing right side or pointing left side. The elephant-headed Hindu God Ganesha is worshipped in all Hindu homes and all auspicious events take place after his permission.

When the image of Ganesha has the trunk pointing to the right, it is used for worship – for performing pujas, prayers and rituals (Ganesha's right). The direction right side symbolizes the path to Moksha or liberation – the ultimate goal in Sanatana Dharma.
The trunk pointing to left side is associated with material gains. It is the direction of success in the world. But this success does not last for long. Symbolically, it represents achievements, gains in worldly life, desires etc, and is not used for worship. Such images are used to adorn homes or to be kept in vehicles etc.