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Osho Thoughts – Don’t Be Stagnant

Don't be stagnan is an ever relevant teaching of Osho. Here is a few thoughts on it from Osho.

Man can live in two ways: either he becomes a stagnant pool of energy or he can become a dynamic flow, a river of energy. The stagnant pool never knows anything beyond itself because it never moves beyond its boundaries. The stagnant pool of energy becomes the ego.

The river like flow helps you always to go beyond yourself. It is a constant transcendence. It is movement towards the oceanic, towards the infinite, towards the unbounded. Life should be like a river, always moving, never clinging, always ready to go into the unknown, always ready to risk the familiar for the unfamiliar.


Explanation of the above quotes

This statement (Man can live in two ways....energy becomes the ego) suggests that there are two fundamental approaches to living life: one characterized by stagnation and the other by dynamism. Let's delve deeper into each concept:

Stagnant Pool of Energy: This analogy likens a person's life to a stagnant pool of water. A stagnant pool remains still, without movement or change. Similarly, individuals who live in this manner may resist growth, avoid challenges, and remain within their comfort zones. They may lack curiosity, initiative, and a sense of purpose beyond their immediate surroundings. The stagnant pool represents a state of inertia, where one's energy is not directed towards growth or exploration. In this context, the ego emerges as a manifestation of self-centeredness and rigidity. It confines one's perspective to the boundaries of personal desires, fears, and beliefs, hindering the ability to connect with others or experience personal growth.

Dynamic Flow, a River of Energy: In contrast, living as a dynamic flow of energy resembles a river in motion. Rivers are constantly moving, adapting to changes in terrain and weather conditions. Similarly, individuals who embrace this approach to life are open to new experiences, challenges, and opportunities for growth. They are flexible, resilient, and willing to venture beyond their comfort zones. Like a river, they flow with the currents of life, seeking new horizons and expanding their awareness. Living as a river of energy implies a state of continuous evolution, where one's energy is directed towards exploration, learning, and personal development. Unlike the stagnant pool, the river transcends the limitations of the ego, as it flows beyond the boundaries of individual concerns towards interconnectedness with the world around it.

In summary, this perspective highlights the importance of choosing between stagnation and dynamism in life. By embracing a dynamic flow of energy, individuals can transcend the constraints of the ego and experience a deeper connection with the world, fostering personal growth and fulfillment.


The metaphor of a river's flow as a guide for personal growth and transcendence is rich with meaning and depth. Let's delve into the expansion of this concept:

Constant Transcendence: Like a river continuously flowing, life offers opportunities for growth and evolution. Each moment presents a chance to transcend limitations, expand one's understanding, and move closer to self-realization. Just as a river carves its path through the landscape, individuals navigate through challenges and experiences, shaping their journey.

Movement Towards the Oceanic, Infinite, Unbounded: The river symbolizes a journey towards vastness and boundlessness. Similarly, life invites us to explore the limitless possibilities and potentials that lie beyond our current state. By embracing the unknown and pushing boundaries, we tap into the infinite reservoir of creativity, wisdom, and potential within ourselves.

Never Clinging, Always Moving: Rivers do not cling to obstacles or stagnate in one place. Instead, they flow around barriers, adapt to changes in terrain, and keep moving forward. Likewise, individuals can cultivate a mindset of non-attachment, letting go of rigid expectations and embracing the fluidity of life. By remaining open to new experiences and possibilities, we allow ourselves to evolve and grow.

Readiness to Go Into the Unknown, Risking the Familiar: Just as a river flows towards uncharted territories, life beckons us to venture into the unknown. This requires courage and a willingness to step outside of our comfort zones, leaving behind the safety of the familiar. By taking calculated risks and embracing uncertainty, we expand our horizons and discover new depths of resilience, creativity, and fulfillment.

In essence, viewing life as a river encourages us to approach each moment with a sense of curiosity, adaptability, and adventure. By embracing the flow of existence and surrendering to its currents, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, ultimately leading us towards greater fulfillment and purpose.