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Narayana Bali – Narayana Bali Puja at Mahabaleshwar Temple in Gokarna

Narayana Bali is a ritual dedicated to those people who had met with an accidental death or had other unnatural death. It can be performed for ancestors, dead parents or dead relatives or other family members. The Narayana Bali puja is performed to satisfy their unfulfilled desires. Narayana Bali Puja is performed at Vishnupad Temple at Gaya in Bihar, Mahabaleshwar Temple at Gokarna in Karnataka and also at Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu

One of the readers or blog, Suresh Kannan had recently performed the Narayana Bali at Gokarna he wrote a mail to the blog explaining the ritual. We are publishing some excerpts from it so that it will be helpful to people who want to perform the Narayana Bali.

The Temple priest asked me to take bath in the sea along with a coconut which has to be dipped 54 times and then a bath in the kodi theertha with 54 dips along with the coconut.

Then they asked me to change the clothing and sit in the homa, wherein first Ganesha pooja was performed, then Vishnu pooja, then pooja to the nava grahas (nine coconuts in kalasam) and then sarpa pooja and finally pooja to the coconut which was dipped 108 times (54 times in sea and 54 times in kodi theertha).

They asked me to list out the entire deceased family members along with relationship and performed the pooja. After performing puja to the coconut ( as said by the priest – within which the souls were called upon), Go – pooja (pooja to the cow idol was performed).

The homa comprised of thila homa as well (which is done to relieve the souls of the persons who met with un- natural deaths)
After performing all these rituals, they asked me to do pindas (unable to explain clearly) they asked me leave the same in the sea and then take a bath. The coconut was asked to be kept in the place of homa (before the god) itself by praying to the deceased family members to rest in peace and help the generations to come.
After taking bath in sea, I left my clothing at the room, dressed up with new and then along with my family visited the Mahabaleshwar Temple at Gokarna.

There we performed panchabishegam to the athma linga (it’s the custom of the temple, wherein the devotees can themselves perform the abishega to the almighty)

The athma linga was placed below the ground level (surrounded by saligramam stones), wherein you cannot see the linga, but feel the tip of the linga.

It was really a great feeling to do abhisegam by self.

After performing the pooja we started to home and we are supposed to come directly to our house as said by priest.,
Thank you so much to Suresh Kannan for explaining the ritual. This will be helpful to thousands of Hindus who wish to perform the Narayana Bali at Gokarna.