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ISKCON Krishna Lila Theme Park in Bangalore – Building it for Preserving Hindu Culture is a Foolish Reason

The proposed ISKCON Krishna Lila Theme Park in Bangalore is an amusement park that is organized around the stories and moral lessons from Hinduism especially those associated with Hindu God Krishna. Estimated to cost Rupees 35 million, the project is planned at Vaikuntha Hill off Kanakapura Road in Bangalore. The makers claim that this costly project is to uphold and preserve Hindu culture.

The Reason for Building the ISKCON Krishna Lila Theme Park

The makers of the theme park claim that they want to use modern technology to enrich people with the awareness of Indian culture, to deepen the appreciation of its timeless legacy and discover the relevance of the values embodied in the source books of Indian heritage in the form of Krishna Lila Theme Park.

Those behind the park want to present, conserve and uphold the cultural heritage of India as described in the ancient Indian classics, to the contemporary society, in an interesting and captivating presentation. They wishes to impress upon the younger generation the glorious pastimes of our Vedic heroes like Krishna, Rama and Hanuman.

The proposed project is likely to have a heritage tower and several amusement themes based on the stories in Hindu religion. The park will also have two temples, a 4-D theater, puppetry workshops, story telling and costume shows.

Building it for Preserving Hindu Culture is a Foolish Reason

The very idea of ISKCON Krishna Lila Theme Park might attract lot of people to it and they might get enthusiastic supporters and sponsors. But the reasons given by the makers of the theme park to build it are foolish and stupid.

Do we need a theme park to present, preserve and uphold India’s culture?

What kind of younger generation is that which will only realize about its religious values after visiting a theme park? Are we not ridiculing our younger generation?

Do we need to transform Hindu Gods like Disney and other cartoon characters so that they can reach the younger generation?

I don’t think the makers are going to let Hindu children for free inside the theme park. So Hindus have to pay for making use of the facilities in the park. So this is a business based on spirituality.

There is nothing wrong in creating a theme park based on the stories of Sri Krishna but do not give silly justifications like protecting and upholding the Sanatana Dharma tradition because that is belittling the unparalleled teachings of Hinduism.