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Gem Stone for Rohini, Hast, Shravan Nakshatras – Navratna Mothi or Muthu or Pearl

Each birth star or Nakshatra in Hindu astrology has a gemstone or Navratna assigned to it. The Navratna that is assigned to birth stars Rohini, Hast and Shravan is natural pearl known as ‘Mothi’ or ‘Muthu.’ Hast Nakshatra is also known as Atham in regional languages. Shravan is known as Thiruvonam. People who believe in horoscope, astrology etc wear stones assigned to their Nakshatram for luck, prosperity, peace and good health. Mothi is also known as Mukta in some regions.

Mothi or Pearl is associated with Navgraha Chandra or Moon.

It is believed that if people born in Rohini, Hast, Shravan Nakshatras wear ornaments made of pearl they will get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi – which brings prosperity. It also provides wisdom and long life.