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Bijli Mahadev Temple in Kullu in Himachal Pradesh – Special Shravan Amavasya Puja after Lightning Strikes the Shivling

Bijli Mahadev Temple near Kullu in Himachal Pradesh attracts thousands of visitors during the Shravan Amavasya (No moon day in Sawan month – In 2024, it is on August 4 as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India.) It is said that the Shivling worshipped at Bijli Mahadev Mandir gets damaged due to lightning every year in Shravan month – the temple priests then gathers the broken pieces and puts them together using butter. Therefore the name Bijli Mahadev Temple – Bijli means lightning.

At an altitude of 7,874 feet, the temple is about 25 km from Kullu in Himachal Pradesh and is located on the banks of the Beas River.

The popular belief is that the prayers performed on Shravan Amavasya are heard by dead forefathers and they help in fulfilling them.

A local legend has it that the Shivling at the temple captures the powerful energies from the atmosphere and keeps the world safe.

Every year lightening breaks the Shivling that is worshipped in the temple into pieces. Sometimes the pieces are scattered even outside the temple. These pieces are then collected by a little girl from the place. The recovered pieces are then put together by the temple priest who covers them with ‘Satto’ and butter. The Shivling is restored to its original shape and worshipped till another lightning breaks it.

It is said that the tall pole atop the temple captures the lightning and this then passes into the Shivling worshiped in the temple.

A special fair is held at the temple in the Shravan month.