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Thanks to Sanskrit Bharati These IT Professionals Find Joy in Conversing in Sanskrit

Nearly a dozen IT Professionals from the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Pune makes it a point to converse in Sanskrit before lunch time. These techies join to learn Sanskrit as part of the Sanskrit Sambhashan Shibir (Sanskrit conversation workshop), organized by Maitree — a TCS unit for cultural and social activities — and Sanskrit Bharati that works for promoting Sanskrit as a spoken language.

Indian Express reports

The seeds of the workshop were sown during Pride of India, an exhibition organised in April highlighting the contribution of Sanskrit to science. “During the exhibition, Aashish Majramkar (co-ordinator and instructor of the workshop) showed his willingness to conduct a conversation workshop for those interested in learning Sanskrit.

Manjarmkar, an assistant systems engineer with TCS, is a fluent Sanskrit speaker and had been associated with Sanskrit Bharati in the past. “To learn any language, we must follow the steps of listening, speaking, reading and then writing. At the workshop, we cover the first two steps. For example, participants are shown a glass of water and are then introduced to the word chashakaha (Sanskrit word for a glass used for drinking water). So it is exactly the way an infant learns a language,” he says.

He adds that all the participants have started making attempts to converse in Sanskrit even when they are in the office. “When they meet me in the office, they ask ‘Bhavan, Katham Asti?’ (how are you?) and get a reply, ‘Samyakaha Asmi!’ (I am fine).”

Apart from the novelty of learning an ancient language, the participants are also keen to have access to the vast knowledge base in the language, says Manjarmkar. “They all want to reach that stage when they will be able to read and grasp shlokas in the ancient science texts available even today.”

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