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Sindhara Dooj

Sindhara Dooj is observed on the second day of Navratri and also on the second day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Shravan month a day before Hariyali Teej. Sindhara Dooj 2024 date is August 6. The day is auspicious in Panchangs and Hindi calendars followed in North India.

The one observed on the second day of the waxing phase of moon in Shravan month is of great importance. The Sindhara Dooj, observed a day before Hariyali Teej, is essentially a women’s festival.

In some Hindu communities, daughter-in-law gives gifts to the mother-in-law. This giving of gifts is mainly performed during the first year of marriage.

Another highlight is the numerous swings that are exclusively for women.

The ritual is observed two days after Hariyali Amavasya