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Jwala Chaturdasi at Khrew Jwalamukhi Temple in Jammu and Kashmir

Jwala Chaturdashi, also known as Jwala Mukhi Mela, is the most important festival observed at the Jwalamukhi Temple in Anantnag District in Jammu and Kashmir. Jwala Chaturdashi 2024 date is July 20.

Yellow rice or tahar and lamb’s lung or shooshnor are offered to the deity during the festival.

The festival is observed on the 14th day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Ashad month. The Jwalamukhi Temple is dedicated to Jawala Bhagwati - the Goddess of fire.

The temple gets its name Jwalamukhi as it is located on a hill which was once an active volcano. The temple is located at Khrew Village, which is around 20 km from Srinagar.

Atop the hillock there is beautiful spring and Kashmiri Hindus arrive here during the Jwala Chaturdasi period to take a holy dip.