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Bipadtarini Brata – Vipadtarini Vrata and Puja

Bipadtarini Brata, also known as Vipadtarini Vrata and Puja, is observed in the Ashada Month. Bipadtarini Brata 2024 date is July 6 and July 9. The ritual is of great importance in Orissa, Jharkhand and Bengal. The ritual is dedicated to Goddess Shakti who helps in overcoming all troubles. Bipad here means troubles and Tarani is one who helps in overcoming it.

Special prayers and rituals are held in Goddess Shakti temples. The rituals are mainly performed by women. Fruits, vegetables and flowers are offered to the Goddess. Women also tie red and color thread on the day.

The rituals are observed on the first Saturday and the first Tuesday during the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Ashada month.

The day is also observed as Hera Panchami and Sri Lakshmi Vijaya in eastern parts of India.