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Khir Bhawani – Hindu Goddess Kheer Bhawani

Hindu Goddess Khir Bhawani is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti and in this form she is worshipped in an important Shaktipeetah in Jammu and Kashmir. The popular belief is that this form of Goddess Shakti was worshipped by Ravana and the Goddess deserted him and took her home in Kashmir. Here Mother Goddess is worshipped as Tripurasundari and as Rajni Bhagavati.

Khir Bhawani is also known as Shri Shyama. Legend has it that when Khir Bhawani decided to leave Lanka for Kashmir Valley, Lord Ram asked Hanuman to accompany her. The Goddess was in an angry form due to the evil acts of Ravana.

At the valley she was pacified by devotees by offer Khir – a form of sweet made from milk and sugar.

The temple of Khir Bhawani is located at Tulamulla, which about 22 km east of Srinagar.