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Sade Teen Muhurat - Three and half Muhurat in Year in Hindu Astrology

In a calendar year three and half days are considered highly auspicious as per traditional Vedic astrology followed in North and western parts of India. This three and half muhurat is known as Sade Teen Muhurat. This is mainly based on the Hindu lunar calendar.

The significance of the three and half auspicious days is that there is no need to look for auspicious time. Each second on the day is highly auspicious. The day is chosen for marriages, house warming, opening of new business and shops and for making investment in property and valuable items like gold, platinum, diamonds etc.

As per traditional Hindu astrology, the Sun (Surya) and Moon (Chandra) are astrologically believed to be at their most exalted position on the day.

The Three and Half Muhurats are –

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada – the first day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Chaitra month (March – April). The day is observed as traditional Hindu New Year in North India, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Akshaya Tritiya – the third day during the Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month (April – May). The day is also known as Akha Teej and Akhatrij.

Dasami or Vijaya Dashami – the 10th day of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month (September – October).

Half Muhurat
Kartik Shukla Pratipada – the Diwali day. This is considered half muhurats.