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Jamai Sashti 2024 Date

Jamai Shasti is dedicated to the son-in-law and is observed mainly in Bengal. It is observed on the sixth day during the Shukla Paksha (Waxing Phase of moon) in the month of Jaishto (May – June) in Bengal. Jamai Sashti 2024 date is June 12. In many regions, Goddess Sashti is worshipped on the day for the well being of the children.

'Jamai' means son-in-law and 'Shasti' is the sixth day in a fortnight in a traditional Hindu calendar.

Son-in-law day in Bengal

Sons-in-law are invited and honored on the day by the in-laws and is social custom in Bengal. Mother-in-laws cook special dishes especially Hilsa fish on the day.

The son-in-law is traditionally welcomed to the house and a yellow thread is tied on the wrist. He is given gifts and in return he gifts the mother-in-law. Then a sumptuous dish is served which mainly includes vegetarian and fish dishes.

How to observe Jamai Sashti?