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Use of Scientific Method in Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)

In an article published in the Tattva Blog titled ‘Hinduism and the scientific method’, Jayant Avva, a PhD student, tries to prove that Sanatana Dharma is scientific. The spiritual techniques under the umbrella of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) follow the strict definition of science.
Some excerpts from the article 
‘Is it possible to cognize one’s true nature by using a specific method delineated in the Vedic texts?’ 
What is meant by true nature? What exactly do we seek to fathom here? One definition of true nature could be - that experience of yourself when you experience fullness, completeness, wholeness? Something is true if it is never false. Hence, one’s true nature must always be true. 
We have the consensus opinion of many spiritual masters that when established in our true nature, we experience a feeling of wholeness, completeness, fulfillment. There is no violation of scientific method in accepting a consensus definition of a term from a community of the adequate (people who have already scientifically investigated what one seeks to scientifically investigate). 
Hence, we seek now to postulate an injunction that helps establish us in an experience of wholeness, completeness, fulfillment. Again, the community of the adequate informs us that one way in which this can be done is by focusing one’s attention on the brow center (Ajna Chakra). Hence our injunction is: Focus your attention or awareness systematically and unremittingly on the brow center until you experience wholeness.
This is just an excerpt to find more about what Jayant Avva is trying to explain you will need to read the entire article carefully. You can read it here – at Tattva Blog.