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Mata Sita Quotes And Teachings From Ramayana

A collection of quotes and teachings of Goddess Mata Sita from Ramayana.

A superior being does not render evil for evil - this is a maxim one should observe.

The ornament of a virtuous person is their conduct.

One should never harm the wicked or the good or even criminals meriting death.

A noble soul will ever exercise compassion even towards those who enjoy injuring others or those of cruel deeds when they are actually committing them; who is without fault?

From Dharma follows wealth, from Dharma comes happiness, by recourse to Dharma one gets everything. This world has Dharma as its essence. The wise emaciate themselves with effort imposing several restrictions on themselves and achieve Dharma… (Valmiki Ramayana, Gorakhpur: Gita Press – 3.9.30-31)

A superior man does not take into account the sin of those who have committed an offence (against him). The vow of not returning evil for evil must be redeemed at all costs; (for) the virtuous account good conduct as their ornament. Compassion should be shown by a noble soul towards sinners as well as for the good, nay, even for those deserving death; (for) there is none who never commits a wrong. (Valmiki Ramayana, 6.113.44-45)

Protect me if my mind has not separated from Sri Rama anytime… I ask you to show the world and Sri Rama that I am a woman of honour and purity. Therefore, do not consume me; protect me… May you protect me such that the entire universe will come to know of my purity and honour! (Nama Ramayana Mahima. Swami Harshananda. Vol 3, Transcription and Translation Dr. Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna, Mayavati: Advaita Ashrama, p. 312)

I do not reduce you to ashes by dint of my glory, which (alone) is enough to reduce you to ashes, only because I do not have the mandate of Sri Rama (to do so) and (also) because I seek to preserve the power of my asceticism, O ten-headed monster! (Valmiki Ramayana, 5.22.20)

Mata Sita in Ramayana