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How Goddess Parvati Got the Name Gouri or Gowri?

Gowri, or Gouri, is one among the numerous names of Goddess Parvati. There is an interesting incident mentioned in the Matsya Purana which narrates who Goddess Parvati got the name Gauri. Legend has it that Goddess Parvati originally had a dark complexion. Once Shiva addressed Goddess Parvati as ‘Kali.’ The word ‘kali’ also means dark and Parvati thought Shiva was referring to her skin color. (Please note that Goddess Kali is also one of the incarnations of Goddess Shakti).

Goddess Parvati felt that addressing her as ‘kali’ was an insult and therefore she decided to meditate on Brahma, the creator, and change her complexion.

Parvati continued her austerities for several days and finally, Brahma, granted her the wish and she became fair. After this incident, Goddess Parvati was also known as Goddess Gouri and the word Gowri also means fair.

A legend connected to the above incident suggest that when the boon was granted by Lord Brahma to Goddess Parvati, a dark-complexioned Goddess emerged from her and she was known as Goddess Kaushika.