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Book – The Mahabharata Volume I Translated By Bibek Debroy

This new edition of The Mahabharata Volume I translated by Bibek Debroy and published by Penguin Books India is the first book in a 10- volume unabridged translation of the epic Mahabharata. The translation is based on the Critical Edition compiled at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute.

Mahabharata has rarely been translated in full into English and this is a complaint that readers of Mahabharata have always had. Through the 10-volume translation, Bibek Debroy attempts to unravel the innumerable sub-plots in the Epic Mahabharata which has more than 80,000 shlokas or couplets.

About The Mahabharata Volume I from Bibek Debroy

Volume 1 consists of most of Adi Parva, in which much happens before the Kouravas and the Pandavas actually arrive on the scene. This volume covers the origins of the Kuru clan; the stories of Poushya, Poulama and Astika; the births of the Kouravas and the Pandavas; the house of lac; the slaying of Hidimba and Baka; Droupadi’s marriage; and ends with the Pandavas obtaining their share of the kingdom.

The Mahabharata: Volume 1
Translated By Bibek Debroy
Published by Penguin Books India
Price 550/-

The book is available online at the official website of Penguin Books India.

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