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Kalyanasundara Murti Form of Shiva

Kalyanasundara Murti of Lord Shiva is mostly associated with Tamil culture and in this form he is believed to have got married to Goddess Parvati. Kalyana Sundara form of Shiva wedding Goddess Parvati is an important ritual in many temples in Tamil Nadu. Lord Shiva at first neglected the tapas and austerities performed by Maa Parvathi. But such was the intense of Parvati’s devotion that Lord Shiva had to appear before her.

Lord Shiva took the form of an old man and appeared before Goddess Parvati. He then advised Her to give up her Tapas and said that Shiva was not worthy for it as he roams in the graveyard and befriends ghosts and is not bothered about the world. But Parvati was not ready to hear this blasphemy and chided the old man for it.

Shiva was pleased by Parvati’s devotion and agreed to marry her.

On the wedding day, Shiva appeared along with bhuta ganas atop nandi wearing tiger skin and smeared in ash. All the people there were sacred accept for Goddess Parvati. To satisfy the hypocrisy of the society, Lord Shiva turned into a beautiful form with wedding robes and ornaments. 
This form of Shiva is known as Kalyanasundara Murti.

Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are believed to have participated in the wedding.