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Nyepi 2017 date – Bali Hindu New Year 2017

Nyepi is the Hindu New Year in the Bali Island of Indonesia. The New Year is observed as ‘a day of silence’ as Nyepi symbolically represents the state of the universe before creation. Nyepi 2017 date is March 28, Tuesday. Bali Hindu New Year is based on lunar calendar. The festival is marked by numerous rituals and pujas and is spread over four days.

The important rituals begin two days before Nyepi. The rituals and celebrations end the day after New Year day.

The most important ritual associated with Nyepi is the bathing of village deities in the sea (Melasti). This is followed by a purification ritual of burning the evil (Tawur Kesanga). Then it is Nyepi, a day of silence and the last day is dedicated to prayers and meeting of relatives and friends.