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The Importance of Japa in Hinduism

Japa, or Japam, is the repetition of a mantra or sacred verse. According to Agni Purana, the syllable ‘ja’ destroys the birth and death cycle and the syllable ‘pa’ destroys all the sins. The Japa is has the potential to unite the soul with the Supreme Being. It has miraculous powers which can infuse us with courage and confidence.

Japa is the repetition of the name of that in which we believe and it gives us confidence and encourages us to rise above troubles.

The Japa can be a repetition of the name of a God in the Hindu pantheon, or a mantra like the Gayatri Mantra or simply ‘OM.

The Japa is also seen as one of the ways to quieten the mind and also to gain control over the wandering mind.

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