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Goddess Subachani

Goddess Subachani is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti and is worshipped mainly in the rural areas in eastern parts of India, especially in Bengal and Assam. Mother Subachani is closely associated with Goddess Durga and is propitiated to avoid calamities, distress, difficulties and worries. 

In some regions, she is associated with the Duck and is also known as the Duck Mother – this suggest that she must have been the patron deity who helped small farmers and villagers with their domesticated birds like duck etc.

Goddess Subachani is depicted as having four faces – looking four ways. She has the complexion of red lotus. She is calm and composed and holds a Kamandalu (water pot carried by Hindu saints).

She is usually worshipped on Tuesdays and Saturdays (early morning in Sundays).

There are numerous folk stories associated with her. Most stories narrate how a devotee who worshipped Goddess Subachani was able to overcome difficulties through her divine intervention.