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Mattu Pongal 2025 Date – Bull Festival on the Third Day of Pongal in Tamil Nadu

Pongal is a four day festival in Tamil Nadu and the third day is dedicated to Mattu (Ox, cow and other domesticated animals). Mattu Pongal 2025 date is January 15. Mattu Pongal is today famous in Tamil Nadu and in India for the bullfight known Jallikattu or Manji Virattu.

Mattu Pongal is a sort of thanksgiving to cattle, which provides milk, organic manure, and which draws the plough. The rural economy in India depends hugely on domesticated animals like ox, cow and goat.

Cattle are welcomed at home on the day and worshipped and are offered sweets and other eatables. Those homes having a cow or ox give them a thorough bath and are beautifully decorated with specially colored ropes, bells and shawls on the day. The horns are polished and painted. The cattle are taken to the temple. A Mangala arati is performed for the cattle.

But today sadly, Mattu Pongal is noted for the Jallikattu, a sort of wrestling match between man and bull, in rural Tamil Nadu. This is a cruel sport but is also a rural sport with history of more than 2000 years and therefore part of culture.