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Pournami 2023 dates – Pournima Fasting Time And Days In 2023 Hindu Calendar

Pournami, or Pournima, is the full moon day in traditional Hindu lunar calendar. Below are the Pournami time and dates in 2023. The term Pournami and Pournima is widely used in South India and western parts of India. The Pournima day is considered highly auspicious by South Indian Hindus and some communities observe a fast known as Pournami Vratham – from sunrise to sunset on the full moon day.

Pournami dates in 2023 based on Indian Standard Time (IST)

Pournami 2023

January 6, 2023, Friday.
Pournami Vrat is on January 6.

February 5, 2023, Sunday
Pournami Vrat is on February 5.

March 7, 2023, Tuesday
Pournami Vrat is on March 6

April 6, 2023, Thursday
Pournami Vrat is on April 5.
Hanuman Jayanti

May 5, 2023, Friday
Pournami Vrat is on May 5.

June 4, 2023, Sunday
Pournami Vrat is on June 3

July 3, 2023, Monday
Pournami Vrat is on July 2

August 1, 2023, Tuesday
Pournami Vrat is on August 1

August 31, 2023, Thursday
Pournami Vrat is on August 30

September 29, 2023, Friday
Pournami Vrat is on September 28

October 28, 2023, Saturday
Pournami Vrat Fasting is on October 28.

November 27, 2023, Monday
Pournami Vrat is on November 27.

December 26, 2023, Tuesday
Pournami Vrat is on December 26.

Pournami 2024

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