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Petta Thullal at Erumely during Sabarimala Pilgrimage Season - Erumeli Petta Thulal

Petta Thullal at Erumeli is on the most important event during the Sabarimala Pilgrimage to the Ayyappa Temple. In 2018, Sabarimala Petta Thullal date is January 11. Ayyappa devotees perform Petta Thulal – the dance of ecstasy – commemorating the victory achieved over Demon Mahishasura by Lord Ayyappa, Vavur Swami, Ambalapuzha Sangam (team) and Alancode Sangam. The entire ceremony is performed in front of the Erumely Vavur Mosque and Petta Sri Dharmasastha Temple.

The Petta Thullal is performed to the chanting of Swami Ennakathom… Swami Ninnakathom. The Amabalapuzha team starts their journey from the Amabalapuzha temple a couple of days before the Petta Thullal day. They reach Erumeli after performing Aazhi Puja at the Manimala Bhagavati Temple. This puja is performed for the redemption of sins.
Ambalapuzha Sangam starts their Petta Thulal after witnessing the Eagle flying round in sky. The popular belief is that Lord Vishnu arrives from Amabalapuzha Sri Krishna temple atop Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu, to witness the Petta Thulal.

Each devotee paints his body with green, black and kumkum color. The devotees carry fake weapons like mace, arrows, swords etc.

The Petta Thulal starts from Erumeli Kochambalam (small temple) and reaches the Vavur mosque in Erumeli. Here the devotees circumnavigate the mosque and make offerings and receive mala and elasu. Then they move to the famous Erumeli Petta Shri Dharmashasta Temple and end the Petta Thullal.

The Alancode Sangam has a more subdued Petta Thullal. This group of Ayyappa devotees only wears black color dress. They don’t wear a cloth on the head and instead they keep Irumudi kettu. They only chant ‘Ayyappoo’ and nothing else.

The Alancode devotees smear kalabham on the body and start their Petta Thulal after witnessing the star during the day time in the sky.