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Hanumad Ramayana – A version of Ramayan Written by Hanuman

Hanumad Ramayana, Hanumanth Ramayan, was written by Hanuman using nails. Hanuman is believed to have written this Ramayan while meditating in the Himalayas in an extinct script. It is believed that a portion of the Hanumad Ramayana was discovered during the period of the famous poet and dramatist Kalidasa. As no one understood the script it was kept on public display so that scholars could identify it and translate it. Kalidasa is believed to have read the tablet and realized that it was part of Hanumad Ramayana.

Another legend has it that Sage Valmiki after composing the Ramayana took it to Lord Hanuman in the Himalayas. When Valmiki saw the Hanumad Ramayana written by him, he became sad as his Ramayana was no were near that of Hanuman.

Hanuman, who found out the reason for Sage Valmiki’s sadness, immediately discarded his version and said that Valmiki’s Ramayana will be read forever. He also promised that he will take birth in future to spread the Valmiki Ramayan.