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Ganesh Jayanti 2025 in Magh Month in Maharashtra – Importance of Maghi Ganeshotsav January - February

Ganesh Jayanti, also known as Maghi Ganeshotsav, is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Ganesha in Magh month (January – February). Ganesh Jayanti 2025 date is February 1. The day is believed to be the birthday of Bhagavan Ganesh in many parts of Maharashtra and Goa. The festival is also known as Til Kund Chaturthi or Til kund chauth and is great importance to Ganapati devotees in Maharashtra.

Shri Ganesh Jayanti January - February

Ganesh Jayanti is observed on the fourth day during the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha) in Magh month as per traditional Marathi Hindu lunar calendar. The day is also known as Varad Chaturthi and Til Chaturthi.

What to do on Ganesh Jayanti?

An image of Ganesha is made from Turmeric powder or Sindoor powder and it is worshipped. The idol is immersed in water on the fourth day. Food prepared from Til (sesame) is consumed on the day.

Ganesha devotees take bath on the day after applying Til paste (Sesame seed paste).

Special prayers, rituals and pujas are held at all Ganesha Temples in the state. Special offerings are performed on the day for peace and prosperity.

Ganesh Jayanti is a minor festival and should not be confused with the famous Vinayaka Chaturthi festival held in Bhadrapad month - August/September.

Interestingly, Ganesh Jayanti is also referred as winter Vinayak Chaturthi.

Some of the important palki yatra, temple festivals and pilgrimages to Ganesh temples are held on the day. Important among them are:
  • Morgaon Ganesha temple palki yatra from Mangal Murti temple in Chinchwad, Pune.
  • Ganpatipule Yatra
  • Inchanal Maghi Utsav
The famous Bogda Ganesh Jayanti Utsav in Goa is also held on the day.