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Kali Chaudas 2023 date – Importance of Kali Chaudas - Puja - Reason for Goddess Kali Worship during Diwali

Kali Chaudas as the name indicates is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is observed on the 14th day (chaudas) of Ashwin month mainly in Gujarat. Kali Chaudas 2023 date is November 11. The auspicious day, which falls a day before Diwali, is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Mahakali and is of great importance. In Gujarat, the day is also dedicated to Hanuman worship.

Reason for Goddess Kali Worship during Diwali

Reason for Kali Chaudas

  • Maa Kali is summoned to drive out all negative forces.
  • She is the goddess of time. She is worshipped to take away all bad things in life and usher in peace on Diwali.
  • Special rituals are performed on the day to ward off evil spirits. 
  • Food is left to appease the evil spirits.
  • Special oil bath is performed on the day all the family members. Hot water is used for taking bath on the day.
  • Worship of Goddess Kali on the day helps in attaining peace and prosperity. She also provides protection to her devotees. 
  • Tantric practitioners perform special pujas on the day. 

Shani Dosh

Those people suffering from Shani Dosh in horoscope will get relief after offering pujas and prayers on the day.

Benefits of The Puja and Prayers to Goddess Kali on the Day

  • Fulfilment of desires.
  • To obtain Ashta Siddhi (eight powerful knowledge)
  • Serious diseases and illness that is going on for a long period will get cured by offering puja on the day.
  • To come out of black magic performed on you by your enemies.
  • To escape from the clutches of ghosts and other evil souls. 
  • To come out of debt.
  • For improvement of business.
  • To escape from Shani Dosh.
  • It is also good for people who are facing martial problems.

Puja Time - Process and Offerings

  • Puja is performed at midnight starting from 11:50 PM to 12:30 AM
  • The puja should be performed facing southwest or west.
  • Lamp should be lit using mustard seed oil (सरसों का तेल)
  • Tilak should be drawn on forehead of the goddess painting and of the devotee using kajal (dark color)
  • Incense should be burned (लोबान).
  • Garland should made using Banyan tree leaves (बरगद)
  • The Prasad or bhog is (इमरती) a sweet made using the flour of udad dal – similar to jalebi .
  • Take a coconut and rotate it around the head of the devotee or person performing puja and offer it to Goddess.
  • The bhog or Prasad should be left outside the house.

Kali Chaudas Mantra

कालिकायै च विद्महे श्मशानवासिन्यै धीमहि तन्नो अघोरा प्रचोदयात्॥

Usually, Narak Chaturdashi is observed on Kali Chaudas day.

It must be noted that the Amavasya in the month of Ashwin is dedicated to Kali Puja in eastern parts of India. Diwali day is dedicated to worship of Kali in Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand and Assam.

Bhairava And Kali Chaudas

On Kali Chaudas day practitioners of black magic worship him in a cremation ground, offering him oblations of food and reciting magical incantations till late in the night. The offerings include sweets made from wheat flour and sugar, fried items and also a live animal.

After the worship is over the offerings are given to black dogs.

Kali Puja in Bengal During Diwali