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Eco-friendly Firecrackers for Diwali

Eco-friendly Firecrackers might sound an oxymoron. But the firecracker industry is forced to create green firecrackers as more and more people are avoiding firecrackers after realizing that it creates noise and environmental pollution. But there are also complaints that the so called eco-friendly crackers are only for namesake and the only difference is in the green and colorful packaging.
…the makers have now come up with eco-friendly crackers. Also a range of 'mild' crackers is available in market, the kind which can be lighted up without posing any risk to kids.

"These crackers have been especially designed for the kids who are fascinated by the sound of explosion followed by light," said Gulsher Azad, owner Azad Crackers.
However, the regular crackers — those that explode with a loud noise — include 'terminator', 'break dance', 'dance dance', 'fantastic 36', 'symphony' and others are now available in attractive packaging. What is interesting is that this time the wrapping on these crackers is similar to gift packs. Only once you open the box will you come to know that it is full of crackers. Most of the customers found this new packaging fascinating.

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