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Eco-Friendly Durga Idol immersion – Bhu Visarjan or Burying of Idols

To Save River Ganga from pollution numerous Durga Puja pandals and organizers situated on the banks of the River Ganga opted for Bhu Visarjan or burying of the idol of Goddess Durga. In Fatehpur town in Uttar Pradesh, nearly 2000 Durga Murtis worshipped during Durga Puja and Navratri were buried by the organizers to save Ganga.

This burying of the idol is termed as Bhu Visarjan. The normal practice is Jal Visarjan, or immersion of idol in water, but many Durga Puja organizers this year decided against Jal Visarjan to help in the Save Ganga mission launched by government, NGOs and Hindu spiritual organizations.

PTI reports

Almost 99 per cent idols of Goddess Durga installed in Fatehpur town, about 150 km from Lucknow, during the nine-day-long Durga festivities were given "bhu visarjan" (buried in earth) on the banks of the river instead of 'jal visarjan' (immersed in water) on Dusshera.

The awareness drive was initiated by intellectuals, NGOs and officials of the state administration and deep ditches were dug out on the banks of the river with the help of machines on all eight ghats of the river here.