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Diwali Gift Baskets – What are the Items in Diwali Gift Hampers?

There is a tradition of giving a present or sending gift hampers during Diwali. Gift Baskets are presented during Diwali to relatives, friends, colleagues and co-workers. Gift baskets usually contain delicious sweets, dry fruits and nuts, lamps or diyas and crackers. Some people opt for custom made Diwali gift baskets and assemble the gift items on their own. Others opt for branded Diwali gift hampers available in the market.

The dry fruits and nuts that are usually found in the Diwali gift baskets include almonds (badam), raisins, dry black currant, cashews (kaju), fig (anjeer), pista, dried apricots (khubani) and dates (khajoor).

Some people also gift small idols of Ganesh or Lakshmi.

While planning about Diwali gift baskets the most important aspect to be kept in mind is the age of the person receiving the gift hamper.

Diwali Gift Hampers for Older People: If the Diwali Gift Basket is for an elderly person then opt for dry fruits, diyas or lamps or even a small idol of Ganesh or Lakshmi. Sweets and crackers will be of no use to the elderly as majority of the elderly people are health conscious.

Diwali Gift Hampers for Diwali Middle-Aged People: In gift hampers for middle-aged people too it is better to stick to dry fruits and avoid sweets. But if you are sure that the person for whom the gift is intended enjoys sweets and is not diabetic then opt for quality sweets.

Diwali Gift Baskets for Youngsters – It is tough to satisfy a youngster therefore you can include all the traditional items found in the gift hamper plus a stylish pendant or stud.

Diwali Gift Baskets For children – Sweets, dry fruits, nuts and crackers are usually included in the gift baskets for children.

The Diwali gift basket often conveys a message from the sender to recipient – that he/she cares, remembers and is part of the recipient’s celebrations.