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Chopda Pujan 2024 Date During Diwali – Muhurat Puja 2024 Time - Shubh Labh

Chopda Puja during Diwali is performed mainly in western parts of India. Diwali is the last day of financial year in traditional Hindu business and Chopda Pujan is performed on the day on the new account books. This ritual is also known as Muhurat Puja. Chopda Pujan 2024 date is October 31. Muhurat Puja time in 2024 is from 6:02 PM to 8:34 PM on October 31. The day is of great significance for share market and those who do business in shares and stocks.

This puja is basically performed by the Hindu business community in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. All account books are kept for puja on the day and blessing is sought from Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha.

In the new account books, people write Shubh Labh and draw the sign of Swastik.

In some regions, Chopda Puja is also performed along with Kuber Puja.

Legend has it that it is one of the darkest night in a year. Goddess Lakshmi arrives on earth and lits it up with her brilliance. Her glow envelops the whole world and she showers blessing of prosperity on all living beings.